Toronto’s marijuana crackdown follows heavy lobbying by legal pot producers

, Canada

Spiros Custom Tailor sits sandwiched between three Medical marijuana Dispensaries on The Danforth in Toronto, Ont.

TORONTO — This week’s crackdown on illegal marijuana dispensaries in Toronto comes after an intense lobbying campaign by licensed pot producers, who became alarmed by the brazen growth of the black market and the threat it poses to the industry.

The owners of property in which dispensaries have set up shop began receiving hand-delivered notices from police on Wednesday, reminding them that the businesses are unlawful and they could face serious consequences if they remain open. These actions came less than a week after Mayor John Tory issued a letter calling dispensaries to be reined in.

“This is a long time coming,” said Cam Battley, chair of the advocacy committee for Cannabis Canada, an industry association for licensed pot companies.

“We warned the municipal government last fall that things were getting out of hand.”


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