New U.S. lawsuit claims Starbucks iced coffee contains too much ice, not enough coffee

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The plaintiff who filed the suit alleges that those who purchase cold beverages at Starbucks receive far less coffee than advertised.

Just how important is the ice in an iced coffee?

That question is now up for debate, as an Illinois woman has filed suit against Starbucks, claiming that the coffee chain is “underfilling” its cold beverages, duping customers and serving drinks that contain less coffee than advertised.

“Starbucks is misleading customers who expect to receive the advertised amount of fluid ounces,” states the class-action lawsuit, which was filed last week in federal court. “For example, if a gallon of gas is advertised as costing three dollars, and a customer pays three dollars and pumps gas, that customer is expecting to receive a gallon of gas – not approximately half a gallon.”


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