Canada ‘actively considering’ another crack at joining the AIIB, Asia’s burgeoning banking giant

, Canada

Canada will have to wait for a formal invitation from Asian International Investment Bank because the previous Conservative government did not commit to joining the fledgling investment organization before the original deadline.

OTTAWA ­– Reading between the lines, it’s clear to see in recent statements by government officials that Canada is close to joining the Asian International Investment Bank — the newest, and one of the largest, money lenders for global development.  

Finance Minister Bill Morneau acknowledged as much over the weekend as he and his Group of Seven counterparts wrapped up their economic summit in Sendai, Japan. While not confirming an agreement was  all but done, Morneau said Ottawa has “a positive perspective on the impact that it (the AIIB) can have on infrastructure investment and the impact on the global economy.”

 “I think we’re waiting for the bank to take the next step, and we’re actively considering our position and see the positive outcomes that this new bank can have for the economy,” the minister told Canadian reporters in a weekend conference call.     


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